Stretch Film

A highly stretchable PE film, it is used to wrap around materials, the self adhesive of the film helps in keeping the film tightly bound the materials, we buy three layermachine produces quality stretch film with high tear resistance and elongationproviding high yield and safe packaging to your products.

We supply both hand grade and machine grade films of various sizes, colors and
film thickness to suit your requirements.

Benefits of stretch film:
*  Provides stability of product or packaging basis their shape
*  Prevents dust and moisture
*  Pilferage and tamper resistant
*  Save on secondary packaging
*  Transparent packing. Hence allows barcode scanning
*  Keeps freight cost minimum
*  Keeps pallet load intact

Available in
Manual Grade:
1” core: 50 mm-150 mm
3” core: 100 mm-1000 mm

Machine Grade:
Size:500 mm